Alcohol policy in Slovenia

The aim of the publication, entitled ALCOHOL POLICY IN SLOVENIA – opportunities for reducing harm, costs and health inequalities in population, is to equip policy-makers from different sectors at national and local-community level and others striving to reduce alcohol-related harm in Slovenia with credible data on the extent of the alcohol problem in the country, and to inform on effective, evidence-based alcohol-related policy measures. The publication was prepared by experts working in the field of alcohol at the National Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health of Slovenia in cooperation with colleagues from the MOSA network (Mobilizing society for more responsible attitudes towards alcohol), the Alcohol Policy Youth Network and the Institute for Youth Participation, Health and Sustainable Development. We strive to always present the latest available data; therefore, we are constantly updating the publication. This publication was supported within the framework of the Biennial Collaborative Agreement for 2018–2019 between the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia.