World AIDS day 2015: Key to successful prevention is reducing risky behaviour

01. 12. 2015
Slovenia still remains a low HIV epidemic country, but the number of infected is however rising. A new preventive measure will be introduced, namely testing of pregnant women, with the intention preventing HIV transmission from mother to child.

27 years ago December 1st was chosen as the World AIDS day. According to data gathered by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), during last 30 years 726 people infected with HIV virus have been detected in Slovenia. The occurrence of HIV virus in Slovenia is less than one HIV-positive person per 1000 inhabitants. In the last decade 112 people developed AIDS, and 23 died after being diagnosed with AIDS.

Slovenia has been actively dealing with AIDS for 30 years. NIJZ warns that discrimination and stigmatisation remain the main obstacles for successful awareness-raising, early detection, and early treatment.