Standard notification of a Covid-19 test result

30. 06. 2021
On 14 December 2020 the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) began notifying people of the results of their SARS-COV-2 tests via SMS. The main aim of the system is to speed up the process of notifying people of their results, relieving the burden from health service workers and ensuring a standard notification process for all people undergoing a test in Slovenia. After the test, the person receives an SMS from the 051 285 886 number. They must then respond as instructed in order to receive the test result. If the result is positive, they also receive a TAN code for the #OstaniZdrav smartphone app.

How does the test notification process work?

Test result notifications are provided through an automated, NIJZ-managed notification system. When you have undergone a test, you are informed by SMS that the result is ready. After you respond to this SMS, the system checks whether the details match. If they do, the result is sent to you. If the result is positive, you also receive a TAN code that you can enter into the #OstaniZdrav smartphone app.


  1. If you undergo a Covid test, you receive an SMS from the 051 285 886 number telling you that the test result is available. You also receive a message telling you that you may choose which language to receive notifications in.

If you would like the process to continue in Slovenian, you respond immediately with the last two digits of your health insurance card number. 

If you wish to receive an SMS in another language, you respond using the code attached to the relevant language: E – for English, I – for Italian, M – for Hungarian. You must choose the language before sending the last two digits of your health insurance number or your year of birth.

  1. You respond to the message with the last two digits of your health insurance card number (a check is made to ensure that your telephone number and health insurance number match). If you do not have a health insurance card, the system asks you for your four-digit year of birth.
  2. If you reply as instructed, you receive the test result in the next SMS. If your test is positive, you receive two further messages with instructions on what to do next, and a message containing a TAN code for the #OstaniZdrav app.
  3. If you do not provide a mobile telephone number when being tested, fail to respond correctly to the SMS or refuse SMS notification, you are informed of the test result at the testing site. 

Where can I find my health insurance card number?

Your number is on the left-hand side of the card and is comprised of nine digits. You use the last two digits of this number to respond.

Health insurance card

Is notification available to everyone who takes a test in Slovenia?

The system can be used by all SARS-CoV-2 test providers, who also have the option of continuing to notify people in their established manner. Information on whether the testing site uses the centralised system’s method of notification is available at the entrance to the site.

All people with a mobile telephone number in the central patient register (CRPP) receive an initial SMS. The notification system is available to all healthcare providers that conduct Covid-19 tests (rapid and PCR tests).

If you do not have a mobile telephone number, you are informed of the test result directly by the testing site. The same applies if the test provider is not yet part of the standard notification system, if the provider wishes to continue to notify people in its own way or if the patient explicitly states when being tested that they do not wish to receive an SMS notification.

Is SMS notification of a test result also available in other languages?

Yes. Since June 2021, SMS notification has also been available in Italian, Hungarian and English.

You can select the language when replying to the introductory SMS. You must select the language (E, I, or M) before you respond with the last two digits of your health insurance card number or your year of birth.