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The latest data on tobacco and related products use in Slovenia - an overview

The aim of this publication is to present the newest data and changes in the prevalence of tobacco and related products use in Slovenia. The majority of data was obtained from Health-Related Behavioural Style of the Population of Slovenia study and the National Health and Health Care Survey, and is supplemented with data from the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Study and Perinatal Information System of the Republic of Slovenia.

Alcohol policy in Slovenia

The aim of the publication, entitled ALCOHOL POLICY IN SLOVENIA – opportunities for reducing harm, costs and health inequalities in population, is to equip policy-makers from different sectors at national and local-community level and others striving to reduce alcohol-related harm in Slovenia with credible data on the extent of the alcohol problem in the country, and to inform on effective, evidence-based alcohol-related policy measures.

MIRA for mental health

MIRA for mental health - National Mental Health Programme

Resolution on the National Mental Health Programme 2018–2028 is the first strategic document to be published in Slovenia that comprehensively addresses the issue of mental health. The National Mental Health Programme Mira brings together existing structures and adds urgently required new ones, thus responding to people’s mental health needs. The main emphasis of the programme is the improvement of mental health along with the prevention and comprehensive treatment of mental disorders.

COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN SLOVENIA - Results of a panel online survey on the impact of the pandemic on life (SI-PANDA) 7th wave

Pandemic fatigue is the expected and natural human response to long-lasting public health crisis that significantly interferes with the daily life of an individual. It appears gradually and is influenced by emotions, experience, and attitudes. It is a response to long-lasting and unsolved distress in people’s lives. The severity and the scope of COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of strict measures to prevent and limit the transmission of the infection have a huge impact on the daily lives of all people, including those not directly affected by the virus.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Slovenia

The aim of this publication is to present harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke on the health of adults and children, effective measures to reduce exposure, the extent of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in Slovenia and recommendations for further decrease of exposure.


This is the English summary of the monograph entitled Changes in smoking behaviour after enforcement of the first measures of Restriction on the Use of Tobacco and Related Products Act. The aim of the monograph is to review the literature on efficiency of selected tobacco control measures and to present latest Slovenian data on changes in smoking behaviour and other relevant indicators after the implementation of new tobacco control measures of the Restriction on the Use of Tobacco Products and Related Products Act, which was adopted in Slovenia in February 2017.

Public health approaches for the Roma ethnic community in Slovenia

The purpose of the present publication is to explain the causes for the health status of Roma people based on the available evidence, to present health indicators, to present selected cases of activities intended to improve the health of Roma people that have been implemented since 2016, and to make recommendations for improving the health status of Roma people.

Assessment of attitudes, knowledge and current practices related to electronic cigarettes among healthcare professionals working in the field of preventive healthcare and smoking cessation in Slovenia

Scientific monograph presents attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, practices and counselling regarding EC among healthcare professionals working in the field of preventive healthcare and smoking cessation in Slovenia. It is based on the first study of this kind in Slovenia, performed in 2018/19.

Report on the drug situation 2019 of the Republic of Slovenia

The National Institute of Public Health in cooperation with experts from various fields and sectors prepared the National Report 2019 on the State of the Drugs in the Republic of Slovenia. The report covers data for 2018.