Publication: Public awareness, school-based and early interventions to reduce alcohol related harm

09. 09. 2016
We hope that this document provides you with some tools that will help you make decisions in alcohol prevention that are grounded in the best available evidence, while making explicit the values and context that guide your decision.

The work in RARHAwas divided into three horizontal and three vertical working areas, which contributed to a better understanding of European and national realities through the harmonization of concepts and data collection, while facilitating the monitoring of this phenomenon. The horizontal themes of WPs were: coordination, dissemination and evaluation. The vertical WPs addressed issues such as: a) generating more comparable data across EUMSon consumption patterns and on alcohol related harm (WP4); b) under-standing the scientific basis for different guidelines for low risk drinking across Europe, to provide guidance to policy makers (WP5); and c) develop-ing a tool kit to disseminate good practices on early intervention (for more information see chapter 4), public awareness campaigns (for more infor-mation see chapter 5) and school-based programmes (for more informa-tion see chapter 6) (WP6).

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