Health in the Municipality

11. 11. 2016
National Institute of Public Health launched a project called “Health in the Municipality” and its products, which present a variety of health indicators at municipal level. The aim of the project is to encourage health promotion and disease prevention in local environment where people live and work, and to enable better health data accessibility and availability in Slovenia. The Slovene project Health in the Municipality was inspired by similar projects run in England and Norway that were proved to be successful.

Environment in which people live and work, has significant impact on their health, while Slovenian municipalities importantly differ from one another according to health indicators. By highlighting the relevant health issues within a specific municipality, we are helping various stakeholders on local level – particularly decision-makers – to undertake several evidence-based decisions and actions to improve health  promotion and prevention. Products of the “Health in the municipality” project aim to make an overview of the key health indicators at municipal level (i.e. population and community, risk factors, prevention, health status and mortality) compared to a statistical region and Slovene average. We produced thematic maps of municipalities for  each indicator, a short publication for each municipality, and data table overview of data for all municipalities, administrative units, and statistical regions. All products are available in the web application and will be updated and upgraded annually with new public health contents relevant for all municipalities. This year’s release is accompanied with short description of public health issues of alcohol use, physical activity, and obesity.

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