Form for obtaining a TAN code for the #OstaniZdrav smartphone app

30. 06. 2021

If you test positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you will be informed of the result via SMS. You will also receive a TAN code to enter into the #OstaniZdrav smartphone app.

The TAN code is valid for three hours. It is important for the code to be entered in the app as soon as possible, thereby enabling your close contacts to be informed.

If you have not been informed of a positive test result via SMS or if you do not enter the TAN code on time, you may ask for a new TAN code by filling out the form below.

The required information must be entered in the online form. The NIJZ will then send the code via SMS.

Before completing the form, please indicate that you accept the terms and conditions of data transmission. The data will be erased as soon as it is processed.



(Mobile) telephone number

Email address

Health insurance number

... I accept the terms and conditions of data processing. This data will be erased after the confirmed TAN code is received.