A new web page on dementia in the framework of DEMENCA aCROsSLO project

09. 05. 2017
The project is implemented in the border area of Slovenian and Croatian Istra in the framework of international INTERREG project between Slovenia and Croatia, and it is aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of persons with dementia in the cross-border area.

By educating in the field of dementia, we contribute to better knowledge of those, who work with persons with dementia every day, and thus, we follow the project objectives, which include the optimization of social care services, destigmatization of the diseases in society, and the prevention of social exclusion of persons with dementia and their families.

You can follow project activities on the web page. In Izola and Umag homes for the elderly, they hold several lectures and workshops on dementia for professional and nursing staff. The abstracts of lectures and other events for raising awareness on dementia are posted on project web page

Dementia poses an increasing health, social and economic problem. With ageing of the population, we can expect the increase of number of persons with dementia, whereas the way of implementing social care services is not adapted to their needs. The common challenge is thus the optimization of social care services, destigmatization of the disease, and the prevention of social exclusion.